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Elance has recently celebrated its $500 billion worth of online works and transaction, and as you would expect Elance has just admired it’s Users and has mentioned that it is due to the Users that they were able to achieve such a milestone.

As of today Elance has over 1.4million registered Clients and contractors, who are transacting with other, and making the merry gains, as you would expect a person to do when he/she enters Elance.

Elance has been offering online jobs over a range of fields including, Animation, Programming, Content writing, Web designing, Data entry and the Administrator jobs; By the end of 2020, Elance is expected to provide online jobs for 1 in every 3 persons, and seriously this is a staggering figure. So this just covers the fact that the future of the online job portals are just so very bright and profitable.

Elance widespread network
Elance is widespread all over the globe and is pretty well known for its online job offers. United States, United kingdom, Australia, Germany and Canada have all been marked out as the top hiring nations, that is these countries have been offering most of the online jobs for the Freelance professionals online.

And in contradictory, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia and United states have seen the most number of people working as freelance professionals working for these Clients/employers on a contract basis.

Elance statistics
Elance with this announcement also covered the most important stats

  • For every one hour Elance is getting 696 client visitors. who enter Elance in search of a Freelance professional,
  • And more than 6 files are being uploaded into the Elance’s workroom,
  • 20 million messages are being sent through the Elance’s workroom,
  • And finally Elance receives an ecstatic number of 20 million visitors visiting their website every week.

So all the more reasons from which anyone can get inspired, yes of course the future is seriously here.

Elance estimation
Elance have targeted to reach the goal of $1 billion within the near-future, from there they can be called as one of the big online giants offering millions of online jobs instantly; If there is a Google for the informations then it is Elance(In the near future) for the online jobs.

What we have to do now
If you seriously sit back and think you can realize that Elance website also started as an amateur company and has reached this phase step by step, and today they are the reining online job providers, so thinking in a broader way, the future is not just in working or employing online but to start your own website that can do the business just like the Elance website, which just lets you earn effortlessly.

We have seen Elance, oDesk,, Scriptlance and the all these websites have been offering great opportunities for the online job recipients, but then if you can think hardly here you can make a point as to why there are 5 different websites?? and yes of course the obvious answer will be that these websites have there own special ways and narrowed job platforms, for example oDesk offers more works on an hourly basis, where as Elance offers more fixed price projects/works, So they definitely differ in their approach and in the job features, and of course the same happens with, and others. Getlancer Video

Now just imagine a product that has all the best features hand-picked form these 5 online job giant portals and clubbed under one roof, Yes of course there is one such product which i have come across, take a look at it here Getlancer, so no more holds and bars with either the approach are the viable features, this website just allows you to hire any person under any cadre for any job and lets the freelancers to make their job choices more swiftly without any major restrictions.

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