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Seed funding
Seed funding is a process of collecting the money through non accredited investors (Crowdfunding) and Angel investors, where these investors/funders are going to provide their funds in the interest of a profitable returns and in some cases mainly Angel investors may acquire the equity stocks of the funded companies (Ownership equity).
Seed funding can be executed by collecting funds in various well-known methods, basically Angel funding, Crowdfunding, Collecting funds in exchange of the convertible debts and very rarely loans, Seed funding as the name ‘Seed’ suggests is the fund collected to write-off the initial basic and foundational expenses.

Investors can also be outside angel investors, venture capitalists or accredited investors. Seed capital is not necessarily a large amount of money. Many people start up new business ventures with $50,000 or less.

In the recent past crowdfunding has been the most significant way of collecting the money from the investors for starting a niche startup companies, and with the recent JOBS act, which has now allowed even the common people to contribute their money for the funding, this crowdfunding is surely going to become the main source for the seed fund accumulations in the near-future.
Seed funds Socially | Intelligent crowdfunding for startups
Seed funds, the Intelligent Crowdfunding platform for tech startups, is gearing up for the introductions of many niche establishments, helping them to start their business successfully.
A total of $6.9 billion went into 997 Venture Capital deals in Internet-specific companies over the course of 2011, an increase of 68 percent in dollars and 24 percent in deals from the previous year, when $4.1 billion went into 807 deals. Internet companies accounted for 24 percent of all Venture Capital investments in 2011, compared to 18 percent in 2010.
The current level of activity, the way the people are using the Internet today, the growing numbers of internet users and the increased penetration rates is just going to boost up the fund collection processes, now anyone from anywhere can fund your project/niche startup progressively.
Seed funding – A type of investment for the Big Companies
An angel investor is a rich individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.
Recently we had witnessed Goldman sachs series B funding for Facebook, and grabbing a part of it’s equity as for it’s stake, like this we can witness a number of Angel investors shelling out the money as a part of their intelligent investments looking for the happy returns.
Latest developments
With ”The JOBS Act” changing the game for crowd funding. It makes it legal for crowdfunding sites to give actual equity to investors – not just thank-you gift complementaries – and it’s expected to draw a vast amount of capital to crowdfunding. Some are predicting an inflow of as much as $300 billion, 10 times the amount now utilized in the venture sector. Today, campaigns that raise money for medical funds make up about 17 percent of all user activity. Campaigns for school tuition, which make up 11 percent of activity, and those for volunteer trips, at 10 percent, round out the top three use cases.

If you are currently looking to fund your Niche startup, have a look at Agriya’s SF platform which can cater to any of the crowdfunding verticals and can serve any fund-raising purposes; SF Platform is short for Seed Funding Platform because it enables you to run a crowd funding website where people can post projects and leverage the power of the crowd to fund the project which otherwise might not see the light of day. Using such a potential clone scripts can assist in the following ways like
  • Seed Funding Platform can be used to focus on helping people raise money for their personal needs.
  • Seed Funding Platform can adopt to different demographics and a numerous different use cases
  • Seed Funding Platform enables you to run Equity-based platforms, donation-based platforms and also Lending-based platforms.
  • Seed Funding Platform’s featuring advantage here is that even the non-accredited investors can come along and invest for the projects/ideas.
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