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Non-store retailing, as the name itself suggests mentions to the buying and selling of the goods and services outside the retail facility, which in other word means to carrying on the business activities intangibly(Online business).

And these non-store retailing requires a non-store distribution channel to perform its activities, and these channels can be mainly divided into
  • Direct selling (off-premises sales) and distance selling,
  • Distance selling includes mail order,
  • Automated vending,
  • Ecommerce.

E-commerce for non-store retailing

Ecommerce generally means buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. Ecommerce platforms are now-a-days very popularly used for online sales and Non-store retailing and this approach has made a huge mark of profits!

E-commerce’s main aspect of business can be ruled out to be:
  • Business-to-customer buying and selling
  • Electronic commerce includes ;
  • Online shopping,
  • Internet trading platforms,
  • Travel portals,
  • Global distribution systems
  • Teleshopping.
  • Home shopping
Non-store retailing is “Home-shopping”

Non-store retailing’s shopping experience has always been coined as an experience similar to performing a “Home shopping”. Since both sorts of shopping does not require any physical existence of a retail outlet, neither requires the parties involved in the business activities(Buyer and seller) to meet face-to-face.

In Germany in 2009, 29 per cent of the population were already using the internet to book their holidays. According to Eurostat, 38 per cent of European consumers consider the internet as the most important source of information about travel and 42 per cent of consumers purchased travel services over the internet in 2008

Advantages of Non-store retailing

The main advantage of the Non-store retailing can be mainly seen in the reduction of the over-head costs — Non-store retailing does not require any retail outlet, inventory or the liquid assets to acquire and educate the staff — Non-store retail start-ups mostly have to invest a little as their seed-funds to reach out to their potential buyers from around the globe.

Non-store retailing is therefore used to create an E-Shop or E-Stores. The rise and the advent of the social medias have just boosted up the chances of attracting the buyer to these Non-stores.

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