Agriya launches 99Designs Clone

Agriya welcomes you to the magnificent, flexible and trendy world of online business. An exciting, vibrant and creative online business has exploded the markets and has emitted many rays of success. This industry is known as design contest industry.

We analyzed the growing demand of this industry and thus we launched a business friendly and user friendly design contest script, which is a combination of 99Designs clone,DesignCrowd clone ,Design Contest clone, Logotournament clone.

Immense Benefits of the Design Contest Markets
Designers want various design projects which will consume little time and give good revenue from them. They don’t have a global reach and thus their portfolio is just limited to a local area. The advantage of internet is that you can reach any corner of the globe.

The concept of design contest markets gained popularity from the designer’s community. The designers got large number of projects from various parts of the globe. Once a designer is rewarded in a famous site like 99designs, his portfolio will get an extra weightage. The employers would know that he is a professional designer, who has a passion to provide creative designs. Thus he will attract more employers.

The website owner would get commission, whenever a winner is chosen in a design contest. All he needs to do is purchase a design contest script, installs it on his server and maintain the site. After that he just has to have a keen look on the contest hosted and his bank accounts.

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