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Today’s web-world technologies has grown into greater heights in terms of transparency and accessibility, now people have used this out-growing technology to perform intense social interactions and build social communities to sort out all their wants and services, which means that due to this transparency the service provides and the service seeker are enabled to contact directly, which reduce the operational costs and the service costs considerably by avoiding the middlemen. And this growth has seen an outstanding evolution in the travel industries specially.

All around the world people are looking for inexpensive places to stay or unique experiences in different cities, not something that can be offered by a cookie-cutter hotel room. On top of that, people are also looking to make a bit of extra cash (all declared to the taxman, of course!) and welcome the opportunity to meet new people.

Collaborative consumption market
Collaborative consumption is an economic model which is based on social sharings by performing Social interactions and providing access to each other’s products/services for mutual benefits — From enormous marketplaces such as eBay and Craigslist, to peer-to-peer marketplaces such as Tradepal, Fiverr, emerging sectors such as social lending (Zopa), peer-to-peer travel (CouchSurfing, Airbnb and Onefinestay), peer-to-peer experiences (GuideHop), event ticket sharing (, car sharing (Zipcar or peer-to-peer RelayRides) and carpooling (Zimride), Collaborative Consumption is disrupting outdated modes of business and reinventing not just what people consume but how they consume it.

Collaborative markets can have the following as concepts
  • Barter system
  • Sharing of bike and car when they are not in use
  • swapping/exchanging of Book , Clothes
  • Carpool/Ride sharing
  • Car sharing
  • Co-housing
  • Co-working
  • Renting spare houses and couches for rent
  • Peer-to-peer lending and renting
 Advantages of Collaborative Consumption
The advantages of collaborative consumption include
  • With collaborative consumption you can eradicate global wastes and also increase the utility usages,
  • Huge sums of money can be saved by borrowing and recycling items
  • Due to collaboration you can expect huge global community stage which just enjoys a thorough understanding and contentment between the people due to Social interactions.
Many successful companies have seen a successful companies like loosecubes, parkAtmyplace, getaround have seen a rather successful goings in the recent times by adopting this collaborative schemes of the markets.
Here are just a few examples of brand new collaborative consumption niches which can be implemented to utilize your vacant and unused cars, car/office spaces,
loosecubes lets you to utilize your Office Space
Very small startups and freelancers often don’t want to work from home or have the space to work from home but renting an entire office is just too much money and commitment. It might also be the case where two or more freelancers have to work together on a project and it’s just easier when you can have an office space for a few weeks to get the job done. LooseCubes and a number of other startups realized that there is a niche market for people looking to rent an office desk for a few days or a few weeks with no further commitment so it connects businesses who have excess office space with freelancers who can’t work from home. helps you to rent your Cars when not in use

Forget Avis, Thrifty and Hertz, the new car rental kid on the block is..YOU! Or maybe your neighbour. The car rental industry is ripe for disruption because all across America (and most other countries in the world) there are cars sitting on the driveways or in garages depreciating and losing value each and every day. is a startup that aims to let people make money from their cars when they are not using them.

parkAtmyplace helps you to utilize your vacant backyard or underground space for ‘pay Car Parking’We’ve all been there, early in the morning you have to go to an interview or go to a client meeting and try as you might you can’t find anywhere to park except for one place 3 miles away that wants to charge you astronomical prices for a short 3 hour stay. And yet…there are so many people who go out to work in the morning and have an empty drive way or garage or who don’t even have a car but have a parking space reserved for them. connects people with parking space available for short term use with people who urgently need a parking space close to their destination.

SuggestionIf you are currently looking to start your P2P website for the Global rental service platforms, take a look at this website Burrow,

Burrow Clone Script works by letting travellers enter the location of where they are going and between what dates. Burrow collects all the relevant results and lets the guest browse until they find a place that appeals to them. They can review the amenities on offer, photos of the accommodation and read reviews from previous guests who have stayed there. Also you can customize this script and run any websites similar to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Why suggest this product ?Airbnb Clone is the perfect script for any kind of website which can let you do the following

  • You can connect a service provider with a seeker directly,
  • You can handle the payments and provide an escrow service for non-fraudulent payment services,
  • You can let people review and provide feedback,
  • You can build a location based services.
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