Coupons that represents Deep financial discounts

Discount coupons represents the prime part of the sales promotions,  These coupons are usually widespread on all the eCommerce platforms functioning online and offering deep-discounts on the products.

How to use Coupons?Coupons generally bring in the promo codes along with them, Customers will then get these codes and will use them to get the discounts on the corresponding stores, either online or physical.
Customers Usually get their promo codes as a representative of a financial-discount on a particulat product from the corresponding store, and now if the customer is going to use this code to avail discount from an online store then he/she will slash this code while making the payment online, while in the other case the customer can use this code to at the retails tangible stores by showing the code to the retailer and availing the discounts.

Coupon goes Viral!Coupons first saw widespread use in the United States in 1909 when C. W. Post conceived the idea to help sell breakfast cereals and other products. Since then the idea has just got spread over the discount-market thorughly like an epidemic virus! Today we are witnessing the coupon’s usgae as a general thing and to represent all the financial-discounts both on online stores and the tangible physical-stores.

Advantages of couponsSince coupons generally represents discounts, it can yield you priceless repeat customers regularly, Moreover these coupons are like gift certificates once you have it in your hands, you are rest assure that this coupon will buy you the discounts.

Groupon and Facebook Joint VenturesAs we all know facebook has been the most flavored social networking for many million users, and Groupon venturing it business VIA facebook has given it a proud lift towards daily deal offerings and no surprises that groupon has got a tons of likes and a heap of followers on facebook – Groupon’s facebook page. 559589 likes • 7279 talking about this. … Groupon is on Facebook.

And since Facebook has decided to expand it’s discount services to few more European countries, its all the more a bug news for Groupon!! European countries and Canada as part of its push to help Groupon communicate with its users.
Over the past few months, Groupon’s market has got widespread with many startups trying to mimic Groupon’s strategies through their cloned products, and today we can witness virtually 100′s of Groupon clones available in the market, this may prove to be a good/bad scenario, but getting it’s strategy mimicked so adversely is an achievement by itself.

Groupon’s recent developments with Facebook
The latests tie between Facebook and Groupon has been lighted with the “Prescreen” – This can provide independent filmmakers with an alternative to traditional advertising and marketing channels with an on-demand platform that borrows a page from Groupon. – Prescreen is getting a niche-transformation in an attempt to hike its social recommendations. This provides an amazingly brand social movie discovery experience that features Facebook Open Graph integration.
And today with Prescreen Users can enjoy;
  • indie-ish stand-up comedy specials
  • concerts,
  • larger budget movies
  • and a lot more
Users can choose to watch their selected movie trailers from wide range of collections, and then go ahead to purchase the content with an streaming-demand for upto 60 days.

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