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Electronic commerce, commonly known as ecommerce or e-comm, is the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.

We are in a whole new world of platforms, a post-PC era, which we can more aptly describe as the always/everywhere era, this means a whole new set of opportunities, and this is precisely where the ecommerce stores, websites have emerged like floods.

Some of the examples for the ecommerce ventures are
  • company websites that serve communication and transaction purposes;
  • buying and selling of products;
  • automated download of product information based on the scan of an article number;
  • social networks that link consumers, such as recommendation communities;
  • Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce or e-comm, is the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.
Overall any internet-based platform that supports interactions between the people and helps them reap mutual benefits can be referred as an ecommerce marketplace(E-Marketplace).

Impacts on business efficiencies
 Ecommerce markets have considerably reduced the middlemen-ship, where people can enjoy buying and selling of any products without any great efforts, and this certainly has increased the people’s interaction on internet, Now,

  • People can buy their products at very minimal risk
  • All their transactions are monitored and safed by various new methods
  • The sellers are enabled to run their entire store online now,
  • The website owners can now run fully automated websites, where all the payments, transactions are taken care-of without any human interpretations.
 This situation has allowed both sellers and buyers to enjoy each other’s benefits and also build a trustworthy relationships online.

Ecommerce websites – Buying and selling of products or services
Ecommerce is commerce enabled by Internet technologies, including pre-sale and post-sale activities . Many businesses around the world have introduced an electronic commerce channel as part of their operations, seeking the many advantages that the online marketplace can provide. Since the late 1990s, e-commerce’s rapid growth is obvious in the developed world.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC) (2010), By 2013, worldwide ecommerce transactions will be worth more than $16 trillion.

Focusing on e-commerce has given its already substantial popularity a further immense boost, we will continue to see innovations in this area, especially given the different optimizations that are possible on new sized screens like mobile phones. The move towards the all commerce being e-commerce creates massive potential. The potential which is going to be worthwhile for many million startups to come-by.
Ecommerce widespread business areas
Real Estate
Get real estate agents listing their properties. With all the vendor features already built in, real estate agents can create an account and start uploading the properties in their portfolio. With a little bit of customization and Google Maps integration you can add some geo-targeting in to the script to let people find properties listed in precise areas. It doesn’t just have to be about selling property though, it would work equally well as a place to list properties for rent. 

Used Cars
Ecommerce works on the principle that anyone can come along and set up a store on your site to sell their product, but why do they have to sell multiple products? Every day tens of thousands of individuals are looking to sell their car and with most of the functionality built in, BuySell could be the perfect platform to letting anyone list their car for sale and have buyers make the purchase online. With some customization and Google Maps integration you can even make it so that people can find used cars for sale near to where they live. You can also take this concept further and do a site for different things like used bikes, used boats, used power tools etc.

Local Yard Sales
We all know eBay is the granddaddy of yard sales where people can sell their unwanted goods. With vendor signup such a breeze, anyone with unwanted items can quickly list what they have for sale and sell it for a fixed price rather than hang around in an auction style associated with eBay.

Writers Publishing Platform
How many unsigned publishers are there in the world? We’re willing to bet that there are millions who would kill for the chance to get some recognition and with BuySell you could give them that opportunity. Authors can sign up using the vendors platform and start adding their eBooks to your site.

Stock Photography
Similar to the writers publishing platform, stock photography lets people sell their images to graphic designers and websites. Anyone with a camera can create a vendor account and start uploading their images and with a bit of customization you can insert watermarks on the photos to make sure they don’t get stolen.

Charitable Website
Many people often donate high quality products and items to charity shops where no one ever sees them because too few people venture in to a charity shop. You can change this by setting up a store specifically for local charities to sell their donated items. Each charity can create its own store and add all the products it wants to sell. The benefit is that you can create a web store full of cheap, used items while the charity can increase its revenue thanks to more people buying their products.

These are some of the main and unique ways that you can run your own ecommerce platforms, but be informed that this ecommerce platform is very flexible and can be run into any verticals based on your business models.

 If you are currently looking to start a website like Etsy, have a look at Agriya’s Buysell product which will let you to run any symbiotic business, and which involves exclusive buyer and Merchant interactions.

Etsy Clone supports tangible and digital products so you can offer your customers a choice or you can focus on a specific market, for example you could use BuySell to create a royalty free music loops store where DJ’s and musicians can upload their music and sell their audio creations. Customers can then add all the products in to a cart and download the MP3‘s after successful payment.

Why Suggest this product?
 With this product you can,
  • Create An eCommerce Store Without Sourcing a Single Product.
  • Merchants can sell Any type Of Product.
  • Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency, Customer Wish Lists are some of the other great advantages.
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