Online service helping people to commute everything and anything from different parts of the world

Online service means the services which are offered online, and when we speak of online we all know that we are talking about the ”Internet”. When we speak of current day’s internet usage we would be astonished to look into the high numbers of people using and relying on internet, with the introduction of various social networks we are seeing the people using this service as a mode of communication; Telephones and Mailboxes have far been forgotten by most of us and with the introduction of Online job portals people have started to opt for working from home and also enjoying the multiple benefits that the Freelance profession has in offer. 

Some of the major examples of Online services may include
  • Internet service provider,
  • Online jobs,
  • Freelance jobs,
  • Work from home jobs,
  • Entertainment provider (music, movies),
  • E-shopping sites (online stores),
  • E-Banking or internet banking.
Online service interfacesText-based interface(Can send/receive only texts no images) was the first ever mode of online service which was offered for the large bulk of Users and these users made the text only choices through a command prompt, this facility allowed all the computers with a modem and the terminal communication programs to access these services. In the later developments the Apple Macintosh and MS Windows-based PC’s offered GUI interface programs for their online services VIA Compuserve(CIS); AOL online services then started providing a better and stronger GUI interface, with which a User was able to commute with the other peer User in the way of pictures. As modem speeds increased it became more feasible to offer images and other more complicated graphics to users thus providing a nicer look to their services.

Interface refers to the online conversations, Chats and(or) Communication between two mediums like people, Users or organizations for some purpose like for fun, for business, and for interchanging informations. The best example for these interfaces now a days can be mentioned for Social networks and Intranet communications between the organizations.

Online employment platformsOnline employment platforms helps the clients/employers and the online job seekers(Freelancers) to meet each other and strike the mutual benefits. Online job seekers are ever crowding in todays world; freelancers and work from home professionals are buzzing in on the internet to earn their daily breads, it is that part of the employment era where employers are choosing to hire expertized professionals for a shorter period to get the specific jobs done.

For this reason we have witnessed many startup companies developing in the same region for providing an online platform and helping Freelance professionals and the clients to meet each other to strike mutual benefits.

The major employment platforms that are providing this service to the people are 
  • Scriptlance,
  • oDesk,
  • Guru,
  • Elance.
 you have witnessed the recent updates from Elance, you can witness it’s reining success with more than $500 million worth of freelance works being have interested to start the web site like elance, visit Elance Clone to know more details about elance clone scriipts.

Today’s most favored online service providersToday we can see hundreds of online jobs being opened and made available for the people with the corresponding expertise and talents, What we can mention and witness here is the new era of the Internet world, where everything and anything can be done online. It is more evident when we can take a look into the Online professionals like work from home and Freelance professionals who have found the online job portals to be a life saver for them; The forcing shift from the 9-5 corporate jobs to the more flexible and versatile online(Freelance) jobs, have also added much comforts for these people.
As of today,
  • has more than 4,136,997 professionals
  • oDesk is being used by more than 350,000 businesses .
  • Elance has more than 1.4 million registered contractors.
All these stats mean that more and more people are switching to the freelance type of jobs and hence marking a great change in the employment strategies.

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