The online marketplace for the Hand-made artists and crafters

Etsy is an e-commerce website providing an online marketplace platforms for the hand-made articles and crafts sellers and helping them to strike good sales and recognitions across the globe. The items listed on Etsy includes a wide range of hand-made goods from art, photography, clothing, jewelry, food, bath to beauty products, quilts, knock-knacks, and toys. Many individuals also sell craft supplies such as beads, wire, and jewelry-making tools. All vintage items must be at least 20 years old for it to get listed on Etsy.

Everything about Etsy 
Etsy is well known for its Handmade goods, which is made out of the recycled and upcycled materials, along with some less expensive mass-produced items. These items are sold just by alluring good attractions towards the buyers.

As we talk about the hand-made materials there is none better than the woman’s up with it, and therefore Etsy has made it’s major announcement in April 2012 about hiring more women engineers to instate the gender balance. Etsy also baskets a range of sellers ranging from professional artists to the sellers who just make things out of their hands for fun and joy. Purchase the etsy clone product from agriya, if you are ready to start the website like this marketplace.

Etsy charges a very small amount of 20cents for listing their products on Etsy website, and also earns by charging 3.5% on every sale. Etsy allows people to transact on it’s website VIA credit cards, money order and pay pal.

Etsy’s head office is located in DUMBO, Brooklyn which features an open Monday craft night to the community in the “Etsy Labs”. The site’s technology, customer support, marketing/PR, business and communications teams operate out of this office. Additionally, Etsy Labs has a workspace that provides equipment and donated materials where members gather to make items, take and teach workshops, and attend special events.

There is no surprises as Etsy got nominated as one of the authenticate members of the Handmade consortium, which was an effort to encourage the handmade holiday gifts.

Etsy and it’s competition 
Competition is always a good part of the business, and Etsy faces these competitions on with a high-branded companies like and eBay; These 3 together can called as the online sales giants. Etsy also has direct competitors in the name of DaWanda, based in Germany, Zibbet is based in Australia and iCraft which is based in Canada.

When an Etsy’s CEO(European branch), was interviewed to discuss about Etsy’s competition, he had this encouraging thing to say, “As far as I am concerned, the more people highlighting the value of supporting micro-producers and buying handmade and vintage directly from them, the better.”

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