Airbnb Hosts In New York City Continue To Run The Risk

A judge in new York city ruled renting the apartment by using Airbnb  is considered as illegal. In last week a man was found who rented his house which violates the law and regulation of 2011, it is the law against hotels that prevents landlords from renting property for less than a 30-day period.

The hotels in the New York City already prevents renting out  rooms on airbnb for less than a month, more over the ruling laws confirms that. But this viral case will not affect all airbnb hosts in the city, as the city ruled this law in complaint manner.

For violating the law the city asked to pay $7000 now the city is preventing big landlord, 90% of Airbnb hosts rent out rooms in their own homes. Unless the law is changed hosts in New York City continue to run the risk 

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