Burrow is a P2P Website For The Travel Industry

Your airbnb clone works by letting travelers enter the location of where they are going and between what dates. Burrow collects all the relevant results and lets the guest browse until they find a place that appeals to them. They can review the amenities on offer, photos of the accommodation and read reviews from previous guests who have stayed there.

How Does Burrow Make Money?
You can make money from running a Burrow website in several unique ways. One way is to charge a fee for listing a place to stay, for example you might charge $5 for a host to list a place. Another way is to charge a booking fee for the guest booking the site and you can even charge a success or commission fee to the host for finding a guest.

For example if you charge a 5% success fee and a 2% booking fee and someone pays $200 to stay at someones house in Los Angeles for 3 nights then you will earn $10 for the commission and $4 for the booking feed.

Another way to make money from the site is to have advertising like Google Ads or offer travel supplies as an affiliate of a travel website, for example you could promote Samsonite luggage to all the people who are going to be travelling.
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