Airbnb's Rapid Growth

In the year 2013 Airbnb listings has gone to enormous growth, in the year of 2009 the listings was 10,000 but it was fast lifted up to 300,000 now moreover it was spread across 192 countries today. Those listings include from New York City apartments to igloos in France.

Next Airbnb?

Airbnb tries to look on their future, they have planned to work on different path more than their public competitor like Kayak,Orbitz,Priceline and Expedia.The chief of airbnb explained “we are trying to create most amazing user experience for the customers and it’s going to start with big ideas”

What User Expect from Perfect Airbnb?
  1. Unique accommodations
  2. Low expensive cost
  3. Safe pay pal transaction
  4. Allow user to search all types of rooms and facilities
  5. Google map to easy access
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