Kickstarter Clone Project Funding Management Feature

Agriya develops Social Funding platform, a cutting-edge kickstarter clone script. One of the crucial features is Project Funding Management. This feature allows the user to post a project in your crowdfunding website, describe why he needs funding and mention the amount of fund he requires. 

Each project gets a unique page on your website. In this webpage the users can ask questions, discuss and provide their suggestion to the project creator. He can also update various news and views about the project. You can charge a commission fee for every donation made to the project. You can also setup a project listing fee as well. crowdfunding platform grows in enormous features. One of those is kickstarter clone script. The most competitors of kickstarter clone are Agriya, Uniprogy and Cogzidel

Airbnb Clone

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Freelancer Clone

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Fiverr Clone

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