Main Features Of Flippa Clone

Agriya’s  flipit is a flexible flippa clone script. It helps a website admin to save the time of developing, designing and coding a website from the scratch. It has various in built features to set up a real-time website like Flippa. Some of the inbuilt features are
  • ESCROW system
  • Email the search results
  • Organized Admin interface
Assure your payments through – Escrow system.
To provide assure payments to the seller, Flipit has an escrow mechanism. This system takes money from the buyer and pays to the seller when the work is completed. 

Email the search results daily
This feature emails the search results to the user daily. It helps him to know the latest updates on the search and can benefit him to buy or sell websites.

Organized Admin interface
It has an organized admin interface which helps you to create, manage, monitor and maintain the website effectively. 

Advance search options
Searching has become very easy with advance search options. It helps the user to find a website based on traffic, site age, profit, listing format auction price, etc.

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