Two Exotic Locations Picked From Rental Booking Websites

Vacation is a good way to take a break from the usual activities and energizes yourself.  The world has over 204 countries with various holiday spots. We have picked some exotic holiday locations from rental booking websites. These locations are private sea facing villas from two different countries. 

If you wish to build a rental booking website, we have a simple yet powerful mechanism to build a rental booking website in short span of time. Let’s now have a look on the best exotic locations around the world.

3436 USD
Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a fantastic travel destination is Asia-Pacific destination. An exotic location can make the vacation more interesting. This stunning clip top beach view villa is the best private villa in Bali. It is crafted for relaxation, entertainment and parties. 

You can hear the pleasing music of dancing ocean waves, ease your stress in the Jacuzzi tubs, relax yourself in the swimming pool play indoor and outdoor games. It also sports a home theatre and has glass walls. Each and every element of this villa adds to the beauty of it and makes it exotic.  This location has 5 splendid rooms. It is perfect for parties and group vacation trips.

Cable TV, private swimming pool, glass walls, wide lawns, TV and DVD player in every bedroom, pool room, kitchen, wine room, parking, air conditioner, chef and wireless internet

650 USD
Cebu, Philippines

It is one of the perfect places to spend your holiday and have great fun. It has two villas which are suspended on a cliff. It is a sea view villa, which has 4 bedrooms. The swimming pool is just above 20 feet from sea level. 

The crystal clear water of the ocean provides an exotic view of corals. You can swim with whale sharks and enjoy scuba diving as well.  All the rooms have access to the scenic beauty of the ocean. It is a perfect place for relaxing and having fun.

Cable TV, Wireless Internet, Swimming pool, free parking space, air conditioners, 4 rooms, daily mineral water, in-house massage, personal chef, satellite TV and DVD players and unlimited wireless access.

There are many such locations listed in various rental booking websites like airBNB, Travelmob, Wimdu, etc. You can visit these websites and visit various other exotic locations around the world.

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