Agriya Success Speech By VP-Marketing - Youtube

It's really a very proud moment for the Ahsan Group of companies. Ahsan started its journey in the year 2009; it's been 4 wonderful years of journey with lots of success and merits. Ahsan has totally launched more than 35 products in the last four years. Particularly in the year 2012, Ahsan has launched 7 products to add more loyal and merits to it.

Ahsan has extended its client base to more than 100 countries in the world and it has more than 10,000 clients across the globe, which is not possible without the great contribution of customization team and the extended support of customer support team.

To keep our customers happy and satisfied, we acknowledge and appreciate the sales team to explore the every possible customer for our products and services from every single part of the globe and to add with this, the customer relationship team to maintain the cordial relationship with the customers to make them a long-term and loyal customers with us by delivering the expected deliverables.

In order to keep the wide client base happy and satisfied, Ahsan has re-launched its forum and that turned out to be an excellent platform to understand the client's expectations and feedbacks.
Ahsan proud moment for launching its "Ideas" platform. This turned out to be a wonderful platform to aggregate the product "Ideas" from various sources like small business entrepreneurs across the globe. This made Ahsan to develop the products which are most wanted and preferred in the market.

In order to keep it short and simple, here are a few examples which adds more features to the crown of Ahsan. "Q & U Entertainment" from Dubai has launched a website out of Groupdeal is one of most successful website and it has more than 2 million users. Another website developed from Group deal is "Layfootak". It has more than 3 million users and a lot more loyal and credits from the various products of Ahsan.

Ahsan has started new initiatives divisions to explore and experiment difficult ventures in potential markets. Ahsan started experiencing its hand in the Java platform to explore the new market potentials.

Ahsan finds this great moment as a wonderful opportunity to thank and appreciate all its employees in this gracious moment. This is impossible without all your hard work and sincerity.

We are very glad to have you all with us today and we will like to have your continued support, contribution and association with us in the forthcoming years, to make more wonders and success. Thank you very much for making this happen.

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