Best Five Products of Agriya

“Opportunities are not easily found, we either need to create an opportunity or discover it”. This is exactly what Agriya does. It is a pioneer web development company which not only finds opportunities, but also crafts various verticals from it.

They conquered the clone script industry by providing some stunning innovations in their script. They have cloned all the leading websites like Facebook, YouTube, Groupon, Kickstarter, Fiverr, Burrow, Freelancer, ClubPlanet, etc. With every clone script, they have achieved more laurels in the online industry. Let’s see some of their champion products.

Marketplace-quote – An innovative thumbtack clone script
“Marketplace-Quote” is a service marketplace script which acts as a platform to launch websites like Thumbtack, AirTasker, TaskRabbit, RedBeacon, etc. By using this script, you can create the next Google of service marketplace for any kind of niche. It is the first ever thumbtack clone script which has an ad-captcha revenue option. It also allows the admin to create an own revenue model. This script has collectively saved $20,000 of the online industry.

360Contest – A leading-edge 99Designs clone script
360Contest is a design contest script which helps you to launch websites like 99designs, DesignCrowd, LogoTournament and Pluralis. You can use this script to develop any kind of design contest website. It is the first ever 99designs clone script, which has multiple channels of revenue and splendid features. This script not only provides user-friendly features, but also has seo-friendly features. This will help you to blaze through your competitors and secure a firm ranking in major search engines.

SFPlatform – A Famous Crowdfunding script
SFPlatform is a fundraising software, which has the esteem capability to launch a website like Kickstarter, IndeGoGo, RocketHub and FuneralFund. You can use this for any kind of vertical like medical, social activities, entertainment, marketing, etc. You name the industry and SFPlatform has developed a crowdfunding website for it. It is the first ever crowdfunding script, which has escrow system. This script is not only enriched with features, but also has various channels of revenue options. It is the most popular crowdfunding script in the online markets.

GroupDeal – The Most Popular Groupon Clone script
GroupDeal is a Groupon clone script, which assists you to create a daily deal website and run it successfully. Your daily deal website will not only provide monetary benefits to you, but also provides various amounts of advantages to the merchants and the users. The merchants will get a free online presence and a marketing platform, while your users will get several opportunities to buy products and services at an affordable cost.
This daily deal script has launched more than 1500 Groupon clone website. It is the only Groupon clone script which has gzip catche implementation and QR codes in it. This will help your Groupon clone website to excel in the online world. This product is popular since it has innovative features and multi-dimensional revenue options.

Burrow – A cutting-edge airbnb clone script
Burrow is one such airbnb clone script, which has used the concept of rental booking and established various websites. It caters various industries like automobile, events, parties, travel, electronics, sports, etc. This rental booking script is known for its splendid features like weather feeds, price negotiation, dispute system, affiliate program, etc. This script also has various channels for revenue. It has launched more than 1000 rental booking websites and they are successfully leading their markets in their region. They not only got a lucrative rental booking script, but also got a fantastic support as well.

Final Word
Agriya has 14 years of experience in developing websites, mobile apps, web apps and clone scripts. They are featured in various online magazines like WallStreetJournal, Forbes and Times Magazine for their products and services. They are expertise in developing any kind of idea into a project.

Airbnb Clone

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Freelancer Clone

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Fiverr Clone

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