Most Required Features in a Clubplanet clone script

“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”.  The easiest way to make Jack strong is to provide him some recreational activities like parties, event concert, nightlife activities, etc. There are many people like Jack in this world who look forward for recreational activities. So we can use this opportunity and create a business out of it. 

There are two modes of business. One of them is online and the other one is offline business model. Both are very successful, but an online business has a continuous scope of improvement. So it will be more beneficial for you to start a website which informs people about recreational activities, create a community of party goers and allows them to buy tickets.

Creating such a multi-dimensional website is a difficult task. Can we make this task easier and launch a website in a short span of time? Yes, we can.  A ClubPlanet clone script is a ready-made solution, which is specially crafted to develop an event management website easily.  It also helps you save money, time and resources. These scripts have inbuilt features and revenue models. Let’s see some most required features in a ClubPlanet clone script.

Event ticket booking management
A ClubPlanet clone script should have the event ticket booking management feature. This feature will allow your users to view an event, book tickets for an event and print the tickets.  It will provide them a hassle free way to book tickets and print them easily. This feature will help the venue owners to market their event and pre-sell the tickets as well.The webmaster of the website can earn a dedicated amount of commission for every ticket sold on his website.

PayPal adaptive payment gateway ClubPlanet
The payments system of event management website should be easy like a cakewalk. It should be hassle free for users, webmasters and the venue owners. So a ClubPlanet script should have a PayPal adaptive payment gateway.The users will pay for the tickets through the PayPal payment gateway, a dedicated amount of website commission will be deposited in the website’s PayPal account, PayPal fees is automatically deducted and the remaining amount is deposited in the venue holder’s PayPal account.

Party Planner
Let the venue owners plan a party and exclaim let’s party! The venue holders can create a profile page for various types of parties like private parties, corporate parties, drinks parties, etc.  After creating a profile page, the venue holder can invite their friends and other people from the online world.

Social media connectivity
A ClubPlanet clone script should unleash the power of social media by providing you various social media options like social media login and social sharing. This tri-beneficial feature helps you to attract users and venue owners from various locations and spread the reach of all the venue owner’s events.

Final Word
The above-mentioned are some of the most important features required in a ClubPlanet clone script. Do look for a good ClubPlanet clone script which has many features and innovative revenue options.

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