Sub deal - Groupon clone feature

Agriya surprises the group buying industry by creating “GroupDeal”, a smart launch pad, which launches revenue generating group buying websites in the orbit of the group buying industry.  It has attained a lot of popularity since it has launched many websites in a short span of time. Groupon clone has many features and revenue generating options. Let’s see one of these features.

Sub Deal
This type of deal helps the merchant to boost the sales of his products and services by providing various options in a single deal. If the merchant uses his creativity, he can make the most out of this feature
Let’s see one of the examples
If a merchant is offering a GroupDeal for grooming services, he can add face massage and body massage in his sub deal. This will create an opportunity for the users to know that the merchant has a variety of services and he is offering a deal for them as well. This feature can be seen as a market tool for merchants and a friendly option for the users.

Final word

There are many features like the above-mentioned feature. To know more about the world of Group buying script, new business options, verticals of group buying and the features of this script contact Agriya right away.

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