Agriya Solutions Constructs Startup Entrepreneur's Innovative Ideas

Agriya Solutions have complete faith in power of innovations and thus we have framed a smart and exciting business model for the customers who have creative ideas. We promise to take active, honest, determined and dedicated approach for complimenting customer’s innovations.

We have developed a platform where user can post their ideas. The concept of converting a small-thought into a prospective-project is termed as an “Ideas”. Once the idea is posted, our knowledgeable team will review it and if the idea possesses the potential to be developed as a product, then it will be pushed forward for voting. As soon as the idea receives the expected number of votes, it will be moved to the next phase – ‘for funding’.

Our knowledgeable development team would estimate the cost of the entire project and immediately provides an open opportunity to funders for the idea with a dedicated funding amount. Once the Funding is closed, the idea will be developed as a finished product. The product will be launched into the markets. The funders would get copy of the script, regular updates and also an opportunity to earn back their funded amount.

Some innovative ideas, which have many applications but average marketing feasibilities and limited scope to develop as a product, are termed as solutions. Ideas and solutions undergo the same stages of development and funding. Solutions will not get any future-upgrades. The funders who have pledged the amount for the solution's development will be getting the source code and technical support but will not get the benefits of earning their funded amount.

Agriya solutions sense’s the ray of opportunities and develops them to trustworthy products, Customers who are using these scripts will yield better revenue and also have the potential to stand out in the market. The customers can always feel the atmosphere of prosperity with our products.

Airbnb Clone

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Fiverr Clone

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