Best Yahoo Answers Clone

Everyday people search for something on the net, to get solutions for their problems. Start your own SEO-friendly answering sites using Anova, so that if you have answers for their questions on your site you can get them listed in the first page of the search engine result page easily. Anova is a Q&A platform in which people put up their questions to get an answer as well as share their knowledge by giving an answer to posted questions. A knowledge sharing software that helps to foster innovation through free flow of ideas among people.

Anova is filled with a whole lot of questions, and the challenge lies in finding answers to them. The experience and knowledge of one person can help others to find answers to their questions. Ultimately, it’s about learning from one another. Hence offering a communication medium to let people share knowledge and gain out of it is a great way to help society. Anova is a Knowledge sharing software that lets you build a knowledge sharing site like Yahoo answers which will be the perfect platform for people to ask and answer any questions online. If you have look at demo site, use the following login details.

For Admin

Username: webmaster
Password: webmaster

For Member
Username: demo
Password: demo

Airbnb Clone

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Fiverr Clone

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