Crucial Features Needed For An Elance Clone

Online business is the trend of this generation. It is one of the fantastic sources to earn money in a short span of time. There are millions of online concepts evolving daily, but one of these concepts has changed the markets and provided jobs for many unemployed professionals and transformed many companies’ economic conditions too.The concept is freelancing on the web. There are about 1000 companies who have various projects to be executed.  They need quality and economical solutions. In order to complete to complete their projects on time, they outsource their projects to freelancers. Some of the major problems faced were that either the freelancer or the contractors do not keep their promises. It was observed that some freelancers didn’t give professional service and some organization didn’t pay them well. To axe this major con of the freelancer industry websites like freelancer, Elance, Odesk, etc. were launched. They acted as a third party source and collected fees from freelancers to avoid spam users and introduce various payment mechanism. This concept is the most emerging concept till date. Many Netizens want to use this opportunity and create a website like Elance.

How to create a website like Elance in minutes?

Generally there are two concepts for building a website. One of this is a traditional method of building the site from the scratch and another is to use clone scripts. The following are the advantage of clone scripts are
  • It saves time of developing a website.
  • It saves the time of designing a website.
  • It saves money on developing and designing a website.
  • It has all the necessary inbuilt features.

Features of Elance clone
An Elance clone should have all the necessary features for developing a freelancer website.

Escrow system
This feature is the most important feature to look forward on a freelancer website. In other words it is called as modular payment. Once a module of freelancing is over the user pays the freelancer. This system ensures that the contractor gets his work done and the freelancer gets the money.

Geo-Location Based Freelance Services
How fascinating it would be for a contractor to select a freelancer who is nearby his premises. This will enforce trust and the contractor has various advantages of being in the same time zone, communicating in their regional language, etc. So, we recommend an Elance clone website to have this feature. This will attract more contractors.

Multi-language translations
Every freelance website will be catering to a global audience. Contractors and Freelancers would like to see the website in their language. It will add more user-friendliness. This feature is not important if you are targeting a particular region but, if you are catering global audience, it is an absolute necessity to have this feature.

Anti spam mechanism
It is very important for a website to filter good users and spam users. Often robots and other machines are developed to spam. This should be avoided by anti spam mechanism it is one of the important ingredients of a website. 

Categorization of best freelancers
Every contractor will like to work with the best freelancer. They will like to select from a list of best contractors. So have a feature of Categorizing best freelancers. Always remember an age old business formula Demand = Supply. So if there is demand of a feature spend time and offer them that service.

Check out for all these features in a clone script. Also look for various features like user management, project management, payment management, etc. Don’t watch out for the cost of the script; see how it can be useful to your business. Be smart in your planning phase and execute it at a rapid phase. Always be smart and use solutions which are available and make maximum use of it.

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