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All of us have something to discuss about, everyday with someone. Discussions helps us to get solutions and also a great learning experience. Discuzz  is an excellent place to share your thoughts, queries, or new ideas with the world.  It is developed by agriya which one is the pioneer of website clone scripts.The script contributes to building relationships and social bonds among different people. Discuzz provides a comprehensive solution to add an interactive forum messaging system to your website. It is developed on a platform using PHP and My SQL to give a fast and efficient product. Dicuzz depicts a hierarchy to give a complete discussion experience. The hierarchy is set up as Category, Title, Boards and Solutions. The features of our product are made to make your discussions easier and more interesting. Post your boards, get solutions, rate them and decide whose contribution has been the best. The rating system for solutions, which is a unique feature attracts anybody to participate in discussions. Reporting bugs and suggestions takes care of the maintenance of the site regularly.

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Airbnb Clone

[airbnb clone][bsummary]

Freelancer Clone

[freelancer clone][bigposts]

Fiverr Clone

[fiverr clone script][twocolumns]