5 Best Freelancer Clone Scripts

Economic slowdown has hit many countries. Due to this fact many people are searching for an opportunity to make money and combat their expenses. This is the situation in every part of the globe. Various unemployed people and employed professionals are turning up to freelance marketplace website like freelancer.com. 
You can use this opportunity and develop a freelance marketplace website by using a freelancer clone script. There are various scripts available in the market. We have listed the top five clone scripts which can help you to develop a reverse auction website easily. Let’s have a look at them.

GetLancer- A charismatic freelance clone script
Do you want a reliable freelancer clone script which has the esteem capability to launch a website in a short span of time? Then, do choose Agriya’s GetLancer. It is one of the best reverse auction scripts which perfectly match the requirements of the freelance industry.
It is a quad power freelance clone script, which is the combination clone of freelancer, elance, oDesk and guru. It has some of the best features which have even astonished the freelance markets. Let’s see some of them right away.
  • Escrow and dispute system
  • Geo-Location Ability
  • Organized Admin Interface
  • Project management system 
  • Social media options(login, share and comments)
The expressive and responsive webs design compliments its exceptional features. The web designs are not only impressive, but also serve as a perfect landing page design. This script is crafted to get excellent results from major search engines and help you to outshine your competitors at a short span of time. Another astonishing fact is that it has got multiple streams of revenue.

These streams will help you to earn money easily. The cost of the script is $1000, which is higher than the other reverse auction script.  The admin panel has a lot of options which sometimes leads to complexity.

If one invests a little bit of time, they can take maximum advantage of the admin area. Agriya also provides android and iPhone applications for their script.

EZ Freelancer – A Simple freelancer clone script
Developing a replica of freelancer.com is a difficult task, but itechscripts makes it easy (EZ) for you. Its freelancer clone script is simple and fantastic to use. It has a smooth admin interface, which has the right things at the right place.

Let’s see some of the highlighting features of this script
  • Featured projects
  • Setup a freelancer profile
  • Project postings
  • Review freelancers
  • Premium membership
This script has exactly the same front-end design of the old freelancer website. They have the exact font, color, landing page designs, header and footer. The web design lacks innovation and landing page elements. The company provides customization options as well, so you can suggest your design and get a new front-end for your website. 

They also provide free email support and upgrades for three years. They also install the clone on your server for free of charge. The charge of the script is $699. They also charge for various features like Facebook login, SEO package and the mobile version of the website. Collectively the charge of the script becomes $918. 

ZEE Script Freelancer – Just Another Freelancer clone script
If you are a fan of WordPress, you will definitely love this script. This clone script has an easy to understand admin interface and web designs. It has many features, which makes it a special freelancer clone script. The following are some highlighting features of this script.
  • High Bid Projects
  • Urgent Projects
  • Top freelancers
  • Excellent Search Options
  • PayPal Support
This script has a simple web design like a usual WordPress website. This is not much attractive for a freelance marketplace website. They have different templates, which helps you to change the design of the website. You can use them as well. This script is PayPal-friendly, but if you want another payment gateway you might have to give a second thought.

This script loads your website at a rapid pace. This makes it SEO-Friendly and user-friendly. The minimum system requirements of this script are Linux/Windows server, PHP 5, SQL 5, cPanel hosting and cron jobs. The cost of the script is 40$ and the installation charges are 15$. Overall this script is a great value for price, but you may have to comprise on web designs and some innovative features.  

Freelancer clone – an exclusive reverse auction script from ScriptGaint
ScriptGaint’s Freelancer clone is a freelance software which helps you to set up a freelance marketplace website easily. It is filled with many versatile features which adds extra functionality to your website. Let’s have a look at some of its exceptional features.
  • Project bidding system
  • Retract Bid
  • Sitemap Settings
  • User Dashboard
  • Blogs
The features and web design perfectly synchronize with each other. The front-end of this script has a fantastic web design is simple and effective. The back-end not only lacks graphics, but also misses the key statistics of the website. The admin interface doesn’t provide demographic details. 
The minimum requirements of this script are Apache version 2.0, PHP 5.2.6, MySQL 4.1, Curl PHP library and Mcrypt PHP library. ScriptGaint provides two pricing packages for this script. One is a standard package and other is a premium package.

They cost around 650$ and 750$ respectively.  They provide you a simple web design, if you want other web design that adds up the cost. Overall, it is a good script with splendid features and simple web designs.

NCrypted’s Freelancer clone
Another reverse auction script to hit the markets of clone script is Ncrpted’s Freelancer clone. It is a reliable freelancer clone script, which has simple features in it. These features help your websites users to carry out various tasks like selecting a freelancer, send emails, etc. Let’s see some of the features of this script.
  • User management features
  • Accounting tools
  • Portfolio hosting
  • PayPal friendly script
  • Email message boards
The simple features are supported by a simpler design. The design misses key elements like an effective call to action button on the header of the website. This is one of the major drawbacks of the script. The design is expressive, but it looks like a normal website. If you consider changing the design according to your target audience, then you can opt this script.
The admin panel is simple and effective. It has helps you to manage and monitor the website effectively. Their support is exceptional. The product is worth a try, if you are ready to comprise on landing page designs.

Final Word
The above-mentioned freelancer clone scripts have their own specialty. You can select one of them and launch a freelancer website.  You can choose any one of them to launch a freelance marketplace website. Do let us know, which is your favorite freelancer clone script?

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