Agriya Marks Their Successful Presence In Freelancer Industry

WIIFM - What's (special) in it for me (Customer)?
Getlancer is truly a “best of all worlds’ solution! The Getlancer script brings it all together, consolidatingthe most successful items from current, leading freelance platforms into one comprehensive approach., It is the perfectly crafted product for today's fast-growing online job marketplace, an A-Z website and guide that is the definitive word on online freelancing. And these will be the Mortal reasons for increasing traffic and profit to your site. Want an answer to the question “Which online freelance job site is the best for posting jobs and finding work?” Getlancer is your answer!

Riding a wave of business transformation - the Getlancer way!
With former trends like the Cloud becoming standard practice around the world, more and more companies are transforming their business model to reflect a flexible, instant access online model.Working in tandem with this shift is a new, evolving understanding of what an “employee” is— leveraging the skills of online workers is fast becoming one of the most feasible options for companies looking for more affordable and more flexible skilled workers while keeping in-house overhead down.

It’s a model that appeals to the needs of skilled workers, as well. Online freelancers are one of the fastest growing niches in the job market today. Driven in part by job loss during the global crisis and the need for many stay-at-home parents to pick up extra work, at-home freelancing has grown significantly in the last several years.

Recent surveys of online freelancing platforms have revealed an astonishing 92% increase in online work in the last year alone, while other experts have predicted that as much as 40% of the jobs marketplace will be occupied by online freelancers by the end of this decade. Online freelance platforms are where global business is headed… and Getlancer will guarantee that you get there first!

GETLANCER - The "Google" for the Freelance jobs
Google!! Yes, we know how Google has been helping people with whatever informations they need and aspire, just about in the same way, Our Getlancer is going to help any/all Freelance marketeers to get and find what ever job/projects they want, so it's definitely the “The “Google” for the Freelance jobs”.

Getlancer strategically unite the best and boldest ideas of the online freelance market, it also introduces exciting and groundbreaking new features that enhance the experience for clients and freelancers alike and make them feel supreme by using our GETLANCER script, which can beat any similar participant to-date. Getlancer allows users to:
  •     View all the listed projects
  •     Create your own projects
  •     Geo Location Ability integrations
  •     Escrow and Dispute systems
  •     Built In Project Management System
  •     PayPal and MoneyBookers Integration
  •     Multiple Streams of Income
  •     Intuitive Admin Area Design
Running a website with these many efficient and automated-features will be like earning while you are sleeping, Keen to see our website run with all these features at work!? just click here for the DEMO details

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