Develop Your Own Nightlife Portal With Venues, Events and News

When we built this full ClubPlanet clone we didn't just think about the features on the original site but also about how the software could be used to target niches which is why you'll find that PartyPlanet is the perfect platform for venue owners, event organizers, record labels, bands or even for people who love clubbing so much they want to run a website around it.

Select Your Own Style
Now you can select your own style thanks to the dual templates built in to the script. If you want cool and dark, select the black template. if you want clean and modern, simply select the white template. The two different templates come built in by default so choose the style that suits you the best. So you can effectively switch the view of the event management software in a most elegant way.

What's Going On?
It's a question your users are likely to ask and with the Events calendar they'll be able to see all the upcoming events that have been listed on your site along with the venues where it will be held. On each events page your users will be able to find out who else is going, who is unsure, comments from other users and all the details about the upcoming event.

What Happened?
After the event is over it's natural that there may be a few lost memories but thanks to PartyPlanet the party goers can find out what happened or relive the night thanks to the videos and photos feature. Users can view, share, rate and comment on all the media that has been uploaded - all of which is designed to keep people coming back to your site.

Full Social Networking Capability
Just telling people about events that are going on is a thing of the past, PartyPlanet has full social networking capabilities so your members can add each other as friends, follow which events they are attending, share photos, messages and videos with each other and connect with others. This greatly assist your members to develop and maintain a community with the like-minded party lovers.

Do It Yourself Events
It's not all about big commercially organized events, sometimes people want to get friends over for a house party or organize a weekend away which is where the Event Planner feature comes in. Your users can use the event planner to create an event, set the rules of the event (are invited people allowed to bring their own friends) and then send it out to people and track who is coming and who isn't.

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