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PrivateShop - A multi-platform marketplace, which enables you to sell both physical and digital products, and one more happy-feature to be be looked into with this product is the new “Product-variants” feature which enables the admin to add different attributes for the same single product; Example - Color, size , Quantity, prize and much more. The future of E-commerce flash-sale looks bright; Consumers are also becoming increasingly comfortable purchasing a wider variety of categories online. The factual stats revealed that more than 80% of the people are now opting for online shopping over retail-outlet shoppings for numerous reasons. Forrester Researches company has estimated that the online sales in Europe are expected to amount to 171 billion euros ($230 billion) in Europe by 2016 up from 96.7 billion euros ($130 billion) in 2011. So getting PrivateShop at these times is surely going to create an ultimate luxury-of-sales on Air, For the people to find their best prices, on their favorite products.

PrivateShop's refreshing features
PrivateShop is an online Mega-Discount store which pushes people into discount category and it comes with all the updated features to help the buyers for making more quick and accurate-choices than ever before.

  • Intuitive Admin area,
  • E-commerce CMS,
  • Gift Wrap,
  • PrivateShop mode off/on.
Special Features
  • Product-variation Module : This feature enables the admin to add different attributes for the same single product; Example - Color, size , Quantity, prize and much more…
  • Sell both digital and physical products : The inbuilt-features of PrivateShop just enables you to sell both physical and Digital products which makes PrivateShop to be called an A-Z online shop store!!!!
  • Dual templates : The two beautiful templates are available along with the script and you can switch between the templates by selecting the drop down option from the site themes under Settings menu. The two templates comes in default colors - Black and White.
Ensuring continual business with PrivateShop
PrivateShop is all designed to suit any e-commerce platform, and it's ability to sell both digital and physical goods will mean that PrivateShop is going to yield you many different customers and it's product variant features will ensure for repetitive customers by enabling customers to make the purchase-choices easily and quickly and render them their end-products without exerting too much efforts/frustrations. So this mainly impacts the admin to gain indefinite range of income out of such an intellectual options.  

Grab this exciting opportunity
Since PrivateShop comes with all the best features and the beneficial options that you expect in the product to reach many million hands within a few days of time, So we call all your attentions here to avail this beautiful timely opportunity created by Agriya by developing a lurative online shopping marketplace and reap merry-profits. 

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