GroupDeal Takes A Massive Step Forward for Improving It's User Features And Site's Abilities

Agriya has always been in the constant phase of improving the abilities of its Groupdeal script — Agriya has made a thorough research and has intelligently anticipated the future-expectations of all the existing and the upcoming customers, and now you can witness all these results on this script admiringly - Agriya would also like to acknowledge the feedback and support from all the customers, which has also contributed immensely to this product build. You can witness that all the factors owing to this release are going to be a big game-changer for one and all.

GroupDeal's Strategical and Friendly Feature
The new strategical features of GroupDeal will let you to run the site with ultra-niche user friendly features, where the Users can land on their destined landing pages with just a click — The introductions of the lightbox-appearances, Solve media captcha, and GZIP implementations will just authorize your website's geeky run.

Deal Categories
With a new comprehensive look and approach Deal categories are now listed in a more easy to access manner - All the Categories of the Deal will be listed towards the left-top corner of the home-page - Here you can view all the details of a particular category yet, stay on the main category list page - You can view all the items under a particular category just by clicking on that category, and all the item for the category will be displayed adjacent to the list - downwards.

Merchants Dashboard
With this version of the GroupDeal, Merchants can now have a look over his/her site's stats, Deal purchases, coupons and also the Users who have made these buys right after he/she logs in to the site. So all the more a feel of running a private-shop on the GroupDeal website, this certainly will boost the Merchants immensely.

Social Sharing
The new Social-sharing technics will allow you to share all your deals instantly on your Social networks with the aid of the third party plugins like facebook like,twitter tweet,G+ and Pin it.

Easy Social-sign-ins
Now don't worry about registering; If you posses a social network account, Just press the appropriate social-connect's button on the sign up page and directly log in to the site by giving the corresponding login credentials.

Group Menu
My account is now more sophisticated with the inclusions of My group deal menu. Here you can view all your Group deals separately and also have a nice and easy brush-over all your Deal-transactions.

GZIP cache implementation
With the aim of building user-friendly interface this new version of Groupdeal has implemented the new GZIP cache implementations, which will just enable the User's to fetch their destined landing-pages in a more swift and economical manner.

Earn More with our New Tech-Savvy Model
The release has also given a new diverse to the revenue-making schemes through the website, with the new introductions of Ad-captcha and the Ad-banner management for the first time on an eCommerce website, you can now earn happy dollars by affiliating with the other websites.

Ad-captcha is a new approach to the conclusive advertising methodologies with the resilience to target by country, language, keyword and category. Ad-captcha adds both to your earning and security advancements.

Ad-banner management
Ad-Banner management is a new revenue-model integrated into GroupDeal - Ad-banner management will just let you to advertise other neighbour or foreign websites on your website and earn happy-dollars by affiliating with these websites.

Grab this Ecstatic Product
This ecstatic product is now available for the purchases on our customer area, So grab this product and stun all your Users and customers!! And change the way the Users feel when they enter your website. Our existing customers can download thier upgradation files in our Customer area.

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