JustSpotted – Appetizing Food for a Hungry Market!

JustSpotted, A Digital Food-Menu for Foodies. With location-based strategic features, an ULTRA user-friendly interface, and the most comprehensive rating system out there, JustSpotted is the ultimate way for food lovers to discover and share their favorite foods instantly. No more wondering where to find the latest and greatest in FOOD!!

An Integrated Platform— Uniting Social and Search for a High Revenue Food Site
JustSpotted is an “Online MEGA-restaurant” tailored directly to users in the foodie relevance category; leveraging its updated User-Access features (rating systems, location strategies, etc.), JustSpotted will help FOODIES make more informed ordering choices and access the most relevant and current dialogue on the latest, high-quality foods. One more important thing that Agriya has incorporated into JustSpotted is it's “Business feature”, Business allows selected Foodies to create their own business place, a sort of mini-website, to run and recommend their selected foods and draw traffic into their control. These types of Foodies will mostly be the Food-place owners or well-wishers. And believe us that none of the food-sharing websites to-date have seen this feature!
"It is a neatly crafted product, enabling FOODIEs to find and share their favorite foods across the globe through pictures, location and availability details, and trusted recommendations from the foodie community. "
Along with the integration of location-based service strategies and “social graph” techniques, JustSpotted is the kind of platform that will give you a SKY-HIGH opportunity to run a highly profitable site.

Driving the “Economics of Emotions” with Industry-Leading Analysis
“Mix Business with Emotions,” is JustSpotted's answer for today's “Economics of Emotions”— JustSpotted has spent time & money on Nueromarketing, Social data, and behavioral analytics methodologies to keep the customers emotionally-engaged in FOOD and Culinary delights. And as we all know, when it comes to the emotional gratification, there’s no greater driver than hunger— Hunger is the best sauce.
Looking into recent trends like Angry Birds and Fotopedia, in which online phenomena quickly accelerated into standard practice for emotional appeals around the world, AGRIYA decided to delve into a similar model from a FOODIE point-of-view. After conducting extensive research, AGRIYA has produced another such beauty— “JUSTSPOTTED”, a tailor-made vehicle for FOODIES, that truly delivers on the tagline “AT HOME OR AWAY ENJOY THE FOOD YOU LOVE!”
JustSpotted is the new ADDRESS, where all FOODIES can celebrate their LOVE FOR FOOD, day in and day out!!!” “A Total FOOD AMUSEMENT
In a recent IBM survey, more than 1,700 CMOs admitted that building an enduring connection with consumers is a top priority. Leveraging emotion is fast becoming a TOP business imperative. Steve Jobs inherently knew the emotion of his consumers was critical currency in building the Apple phenomenon. The critical metric of measuring human emotion is the latest, LEADING in the Global market… and JustSpotted lets you lead the race, before anyone else has even started!

A Veritable Encyclopedia of Food & The Ultimate Food Search Engine
JustSpotted is “a collection of YUMMY-delights, giving information on many FOODS or on many aspects of one FOOD, and typically arranged GEOGRAPHICALLY.”, serving as a visual-gazetteer for a wide-range of foods from around the globe!! JustSpotted is your FOODPEDIA for foods – It's pretty much a WWR – a “Worldwide Restaurant” – a network of Foodies, just like the World wide web - The network of websites.”
"JustSpotted is also a place where users can access FAVORITE FOOD-LISTS!!!! Online users love and prioritize LISTS which are a great way for them to categorize and share the things they love most."
JustSpotted is accessible via a web-based platform as well as mobile phones and other favorite devices, so users can access, search and share great meals ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. It's the ultimate “ food search-engine, finding and fetching the FOODs that FOODIES search for”.

JustSpotted’s Stellar Features
  • Guides
  • Business
  • Reviews
  • GEO location
  • Graphical stats
  • Points system
  • Multi language
  • Rating system
  • Sightings
  • Connect
  • CDN
  • Suspicious Words

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