Marketplace Quote - An Ideal Platfom For Users And Service Professionals

"Marketplace-Quote" - It is a competitive Thumbtack clone script, which assists the user to find a suitable service professional and opt them for their services. On the other end, it assists the service professional to have an online presence and excels their competitors by getting regular leads.

Developing customer’s ideas into a Revolutionary Product
Agriya always gives importance to customer’s suggestions and welcomes them with open hands. We launched the "Ideas" platform to share customer’s concepts to the world, get funding for their ideas and develop them into professional products.

The concept of Thumbtack clone landed up in our "Ideas" platform. Our expert team analyzed the concept in various aspects like technical feasibilities, market need, etc. After the analysis, it went through a funding phase. Five funders found a potential growth in this product and funded more than 100%.

Many other users of Facebook and other online communities have appreciated the idea of developing a thumbtack clone and have eagerly waited for this product. This showcases the great demand for an exclusive Thumbtack clone.

Powerful scope of the service marketplace industry
Many users have difficulty in finding the service professional and opting them in their daily activities. On the other hand, service professionals need new ways to promote their services and excel their competitors. The service marketplace industry meets both the demands of the users and the service professionals.

This market has a potential growth since every day 4000 users search for an apt service professional. Over one hundred thousand service professionals are looking forward to register in various sites like Thumbtack, airtasker, etc. They want regular lead from these websites.

Success trends of service marketplace websites
One of the famous service marketplace websites, Airtasker has 43,000 registered users. They have completed task worth 650,000$. Another service marketplace website, Thumbtack has received a fund of 4.5 million dollars.

Every hour 20 service professionals register on this website. There are more than one hundred thousand service professionals in this website. These facts prove that, service marketplace has a good present and a bright future.

Exclusive revenue options in "Marketplace-Quote"
It is the first clone script which allows the admin to create own revenue model. It has a Penta-core revenue options. They are as follows.

Versatile Features of "Marketplace-Quote"
Every feature is crafted to meet the current trends of the service marketplace industry and it provides various benefits. Have a look at our splendid features.

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