Features Required In An Etsy Clone

Shopping online is the most convenient and trendiest to shop goods. Many users are migrating from traditional shopping to online shopping. Observing this current scenario many entrepreneurs started focusing creating a marketplace for buying and selling various products.

There are many ways to create a BUYSELL marketplace website. Amongst them, Etsy clonescripts are the best way to develop a website in short span of time. The following are the advantage of using the clone scripts.
  • Easy to launch a website in shop span of time
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Inbuilt revenue model
  • Inbuilt features
Let’s see the most required features in an Etsy clone script. 

Social media connectivity
Social media is a key way to promote your website, reach your target audience and know their preference. So it is very important to have social media features on your website. Some of the most required social media features are
  • Social  media login
  • Social sharing
Social media login will help the users to login and register on your website within few clicks. Social media sharing feature will help you to share your website content on various Facebook profiles. These features are not only user-friendly, but also will help you to drive more traffic to your website. 

Featured shop
A “Featured shop”, is just like a sponsored search result on Google. The featured shop will be displayed on your website above all the shops. This will benefit the shop owners to display their products and help the website admin to earn some money as well. So don’t miss this revenue generating feature in an etsy clone script. 

Organized admin interface
The most important feature in an Etsy clone script is an organized admin interface. It should have options to add, delete and edit content of your website. It should also allow a website admin to add a user, delete user, ban a user, manage all payment transactions, add shops, delete shops, view demographic information, ban an IP address, view stats of your website, multi-language options, manage banner, manage newsletters, manage static pages, manage plug-ins. An organized admin interface will help you to manage, control maintain and monitor the entire website. 

PayPal Adaptive payment gateway
This feature provides a hassle free payment mechanism and automates payment transactions between you, your buyers and your sellers. Whenever a buyer pays the seller through PayPal, the commission of the website is automatically deposited in the websites PayPal account, it deducts the PayPal transaction fees and the remaining amount is paid to the seller in their PayPal account.

Captcha is one of the most required features in the Etsy clone script. It will help the website admin to restrict spam users on your website. Solve media’s Ad-Captcha system not only filters spam users, but also generate revenue whenever a user enters a Captcha on the user registration form of your website. 

Final Word
The above mentioned features are the must have features in an Etsy clone script. These features will not only help you to add variety to your website, but also provide you various benefits. So select an Etsy clone script which has all these features.

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