History Of Agriya

A dream doesn't become reality until it is accompanied with hard work and determination. Agriya is one such company, which has faced various challenges and proved itself to be one of the best web development companies in the online world. It takes a lot of efforts to reach this juncture. Let’s have a look at the glorious history of Agriya.

1999 - Shaping thoughts into reality
Just one year before the second millennium, a dot com bubble burst in the mind of Mr. Aravind Kumar. He is one of the visionary entrepreneurs of this era, who shaped his thoughts into a revolutionary business. This led to the evolution of a global standard web development company known as Agriya.

2000 – Foundation of Agriya
Mastering all the difficulties and legal process, Mr. Aravind Kumar established the foundation of Agriya. With the sunrise of 1st September 2000, Agriya rose as a web development company. It was registered as a partnership firm in the Registrars of companies located in Chennai.

2001 – The Year of gradual transformation
Agriya cruised through the demands of the local markets and entered into the mighty ocean of web development projects. On 1st April 2001, we had a real-time office in the oil godown of Mr. Shunmugavel.

In order to fuel the development of various projects, Agriya hired an expert web professional on May 2001. The month of October opened the doors of international markets for Agriya. On 3rd December 2001, we transformed into a private limited company. Agriya Technologies was rechristened as Agriya Infoway Private Limited.
2002- Agriya’s Ventures into a new world.

The brightest minds of Agriya lightened up the path of success. Our hardworking and geeky professionals helped us to take up new projects. On March 2002, Agriya ventured into the world of Pay per Click scripts by launching their first product PaidEmail. This product combined the charm of email marketing and PPC.

This move brought more fortune to Agriya’s treasure. It also assisted us to shift our office from the oil godown to a rented apartment. We hired 7 more professional to accomplish our projects.

For more details, Source: http://www.agriya.com/about/history-of-agriya

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