5 Tips Should Be Followed To Win Design Contest

If you want to win big money or build your portfolio or get experience, then the best way to attain them is through design competitions, it is considered as the best and encouraging way for young designers to enhance their abilities. Michael Roller the author has entered into quite a few competitions from past few years for various reasons; he actually won few of them. Here you can find five tips from him, the tips on how should you win design contest.

Estimate your skills
Once you choose the contest, first you need to determine yourself that your skills are matching with the contest that you chose. Because you should feel comfort with the contest type where you are working, then only the output should compensate the contest requirement effectively.

Select the Right Project
It is very important to pick the precise project, because you have to spend lot of time into this contest.  Therefore selecting the perfect project will help you enhance your abilities and helps you become better designer and you may as well win the competition.  Remember, even if you do not win the competition, you still gain more knowledge and experience and also you gain confidence to become better designer by improving your skills.

Be Passionate

The basic element is that you should be passionate about the project. It is very vital factor to win a design contest, and also you have to invest lot of time and energy. Unless you are passionate about the project you cannot win the competition or appreciate your abilities.

For more details, Source: http://directory.fm/win-design-contest/

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