Agriya Upgrades Freelancer Clone From v2.0b1 to v2.0b2

Agriya’s vision is to provide you better than the best in clone scripts, services, mobile application and templates. Following our vision, we have upgraded our elance clone script to the next level. This upgrade will provide you high performance and better stability. Let’s check out the key highlights of this upgrade.

Improvised project management feature
Agriya has taken a special effort to enhance the entire project management feature. Now your websites can smoothly bid the projects and the project holders will be able to add a project quickly. This will attract both the freelancers and the project holders to use your website frequently.

Enhanced the experience of managing plug-in
Managing the plug-in has become very easy in Getlancer. This will help you to quickly add lot of modules in your elance clone script. Check out the module section for exploring the outstanding modules of this script.

Solved all the reported issues
Agriya keenly observed all the issues reported, categorized them, work on all the areas and released the upgrade of this script. We are always committed to give more than your expectations.

How to get these upgrade files?
To get the latest upgrade of this Freelancer clone script, follow the below-mentioned steps.
  • Log in to Agriya store
  • Download your upgrade files
  • Update the script
We are always here to help you in every way possible. Contact any time of the day and reach us.


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