Create Q&A Website At free Of Cost!

Sharing knowledge is now fun and easier with Anova Pro as it allows users to add pictures, audio clips and video to support their questions and the answers. Keep your site ahead of your competitors, and improve your stand in the market.

We all know that the internet is about knowledge, sharing and giving. The big companies know this and have their own knowledge systems – Yahoo has Answers and Amazon has Askville. But now, you can have your own knowledge site, but with a significant difference – your users are not confined to just text (let's face it, boring old text was so 1999), but now they can use audio and even video to provide their answers – giving users a richer, more satisfying experience. In order to offer a smooth experience for users, Anova is integrated with Elite FLV player.

Think about it, how many of us would rather watch TV to learn something new than read a book? So, why not on the internet? Answers in text are outdated; now your users can get their answers in a format that is easier and simpler for them to learn from.

Important features
  • Smart templating system
  • Modules customization
  • Tag clouds
  • Profile avatar
  • RSS Feeds
  • Internal messaging system
  • Rewards

Airbnb Clone

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Freelancer Clone

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Fiverr Clone

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