Participant Management - Feature of 99designs clone

There is always an excellent scope and benefits for the design sector. This can be highly utilized by emerging several successful web applications to assist the design feeders and the design specialists. Several successful websites were ruling the online business world. This makes worth for those who in need of designs and collections. By tail around such a most successful design contest websites, an efficient 99designs clone has developed by Agriya. This comprehensive design contest script been developed by prototyping the most effective design contest website called 99Designs. This exceptional 99Designs clone has several powerful features and option. Among the numerous beneficial aspects, let’s cruise around one of the primary feature as follows.

There is an excellent access point to manage and access the participant whoever gets registered with this worthy design contest script. With the help of this useful participant management mechanism, admin can conveniently manipulate the participants and can edit, delete, flag, view the participant and their profile.

Be that way, several beneficial factors and useful features are resides in this excellent 99Designs clone script. So to know more about the design contest script and its functionality, feel free to check with Agriya, experience the demo and get clarified with queries.

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