Modules of Etsy Clone

BuySell is an online marketplace which works similar to an Etsy clone where you can buy as well as sell any item ranging from baby products to art, digital products, jewellery and many more. It is an excellent platform to showcase and sell items for those who wish to sell. Digital products in a downloadable form of .rar or .zip files can be listed for sale.The search functionality is very wide, allowing you to search for items, people and shops. You can browse for items by categories,collections,shops and refine them down by shop owners or price range. BuySell members can follow each other and form circles thereby get item updates. Users can create Collections based on a theme from different shops and make it a wishlist.Pricing for all items is set as USD however users can view the price of the item in their own currency as other currency and conversion value can be defined from the admin.

Electronic items have certain specifications like weight and capacity, clothing has color and size specification.It makes us happy when we find the item that exactly matches our purchase requirement. BuySell's add-on module, Variations intends to help buyers find the items that suit their needs. Seller members can create their own variations for items and put them together under a Variation Group. By items, we mean physical or shippable items only. When listing an item for sale, choose to add the group relating to the item and associate the desired variations. To manage variations, you have plenty of options like re-order list, swap images, custom price and stock settings. Get the variation add-on module on to your BuySell script and give your buyers a different customer experience.

Mass Importer
If you have a shop in Etsy and would like to sell those items in BuySell too, it's easy and quick to bring them all to your BuySell shop. We can also help you bring in items from a different website like Artfire to your BuySell shop. The Mass Importer module helps you to import items from these shops and add them to your Shop Items in BuySell. Item imports from non-etsy shops have been termed as General. All you need to do is to export the item information to a csv file and import it through the CSV Importer option. You can refer to the sample file we've given as you add values for the attributes.After your items are successfully imported, you just need to make sure that they have all the information and if required update them and sell them right away!

Facebook Shop Application
BuySell online marketplace launches the Facebook Shop App for BuySell, giving a great opportunity to sellers to promote their shop and items in one of largest social networking website such as Facebook.As Admin, you need to simply integrate your BuySell site with Facebook creating an application. Using the Facebook App your seller members can bring their BuySell shop to your Facebook page.

If you are seller, a few easy steps shall get your shop up and running in no time. At first you need to create a page for your business presence on Facebook. Once you are done, look for the BuySell application page and add your shop page. Now link your shop with your page. All the items in the specified shop including shop banner will be pulled and listed.

Daily Deal
Agriya's etsy clone "BuySell" has been a huge success from its release date and still promises to expand and touch new horizons. The enormous potential of this online shopping marketplace has been amazing that we received so many worthwhile ideas from our customers to be added on to the script. The next add-on idea to the "BuySell" script is the "Daily Deals" module. Sellers/Shop owners of this marketplace can offer a deal daily which has a discount on the items to add the buyer attraction. A percentage of discount is available to buyers who purchase items that have a deal offer on it. The daily deal module is highly flexible allowing you to apply a deal to a single item or all the items in your shop or selected items only. Once you specify the deal applicability and the time, your deal is On! You can also request the BuySell site owner to feature your deal for a day or specific days in the site.

For admins, you will have control over the daily deals and deal feature requests from members. Earn good revenue by charging a fee per day from seller members who wish to feature their deal on the site. You can choose to feature your choice of deals apart from the featured requests.


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