Pros and Cons Of Flippa Clone

Welcome to the world of easy, fast, reliable and cost effective online business industry. Various innovative concepts have flooded the markets; one of the best concepts is trading websites. Let analyze the industry and make a smart approach to have a look at various pros and cons of this industry and we will also let you know how to create a flippa clonewebsite in minutes.

How does marketplace of trading websites work?

The website owner who wants to sell his site will list it on a portal for sale, various buyers will analyze factors like domain age, traffic, source of link, SEO mechanism, and page rank and if they find it worthy for their money, they will purchase the website.

Requirements of Marketplace for websites 
To develop a website marketplace we need to know the crucial requirements of this industry market. We have formulated a list of crucial requirements of a flippa clone website. 

  • Strong back-end for admin
  • Smarty template system
  • Graphical admin data and stats
  • Watch list
  • User friendly web design
  • Multi-language support
  • Mechanism for verifying websites
  • Public listing options
  • Private listing options
  • Domain validation feature
  • Escrow system
  • Pricing system
  • Social media sharing
  • SEO friendly
  • Mechanism to sell websites
  • Verification mechanism
  • Communication system
  • Mechanism for buying websites
Pros of flippa clone website

  • A pre-designed website is provided to you
  • You can start making money right away
  • Sites are already programmed
  • No hassle to search for a domain name
  • Wide variety of options to select
  • A user can fetch various ideas by viewing various websites
  • You get a website which has a user base
  • You get a website which has some regular traffic
  • You can get lot of benefits from domain age 

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