Features of Fiverr Clone

While we have been continually improving and refining the original FP Platform we have also been hard at work on a brand new version which the developers have called FP Platform Ultra Plus – just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it! The new version brings a whole host of fantastic new features, many of which you can’t find on any other script or website. In FP Platform ultra, users can act as both buyer and seller. Seller are the users who create and sell jobs and earn amount and paying little commission to administrator. Buyer are the users who purchase their needs.

Enhanced Version Of FP Platform
FP Platform Ultra is an ehanced version of FP Platform which gives you many additional features to make your life as the site owner much easier and to automate many of the functions. Apart from all the new features, FP Platform Ultra contains nearly all the same features as FP Platform but doesn't use the wallet concept as it's no longer needed as payments are made automatically.

Real Time Payments
FP Platform Ultra uses the advanced PayPal Adaptive Payments system to make instant and automatic payments from the buyer to the seller and site admin. Instead of the money going in to the sellers wallet, it is held in a pending status and released automatically when the buyer approves it. The payment automatically has the site commission deducted and paid to the admin. This automatic payment system significantly reduces the amount of work the admin has to do and keeps the sellers far happier because they get their money immediately rather than having to wait for the admin to approve the withdrawal.

Escrow Functionality
One of the reasons buyers are hesitant to use a site is because they are unsure if they will get the service they want or are paying for. Your site will act as an escrow for the buyer and seller, holding the money until the buyer clicks that the service has been completed successfully. This trust building functionality helps attract buyers to your website, giving them more confidence that they are not going to waste any money or handing their money over to a scam artist. As the admin you get to have the final say should a dispute arise. In a click of a button you can either give the money back to the buyer or send the money on to the seller.

Source: http://customers.agriya.com/products/fixed-price-platform-ultra

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