What is BuySell?

Why 50% of businessmen and entrepreneurs are paying extra money for developing an online marketplace website? This is because they are unaware of clone scripts. These scripts can create a website rapidly at low cost and maintain high quality standards. Let’s check out BuySell- the world’s number one Etsy clone script.

Overview of BuySell
BuySell is an Etsy clone script, which has the dynamic ability to build an out of the box online shopping mall like Amazon, eBay and Etsy in a short span of time. This script is so flexible that it can host your website in any language of the world. It can be adapted to almost every industry. 

How it Works?
It builds an online marketplace website, which connects the buyers and the sellers of the online world. Merchants create their account on your website and display their products to the online world. If the product is attractive and pocket-friendly, users buy the product. You earn a dedicated amount of commission for every sale made on your website.

Ingredients of BuySell
This Etsy clone script consists of malware-free codes, highly converting web designs, remarkable features and multiple channels of revenue. All these ingredients will be spiced up with a friendly payment gateway and served to you.

Dynamic features of BuySell
It is not an ordinary ecommerce script which has only generic features. It is an extraordinary script, which has a set of innovative features as well. Let’s have a look at them.
  •  Dual Signup as a merchant and a buyer
  • 4 mechanisms of shopping
  •   Buy and Sell products with any shop
  • Multi-currency options
  •  Featured Shop
  • Sell both digital and private products

Revenue options in BuySell
This ecommerce script has a lot of revenue options. They help you to earn money easily from your website. Explore them right away.
  •    Website commission
  •   Featured shop
  •  Featured products
  • Advertisement Captcha
  •  Advertisement Banners
Advantages of BuySell
This script saves the cost of designing, developing, testing the website. Collectively this saves around $8000. The designs of the script are crafted in such a way that, it gives you more conversions than expected. 

It helps you to create a website within some weeks. BuySell saves around three months of time as well. It can be customized in such a way that it can focus on any kind of target audience around the world. 

Final Word
BuySell is the best way to create an online shopping mall easily. This Etsy script has exceptional features, which can help you to outshine your competitors quickly. Contact Agriya right away to avail this script for your online marketplace website.

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