Create an MVP for less than $ 1000 in 1 week

create a minimum viable product or MVP should be the priority of all startups. Indeed, without product you will do nothing. As I often say, an idea is worth nothing, only scripts account . Little dedication to members who post their ideas come to my website without wanting to disclose, with just three Powerpoint slides have in mind the idea of the century. Let me tell you something, if I was paid to the idea I would be multi millionaire!

Why create a minimum viable product?
Already, to make things happen and go from idea to project . Having a product in the hands will stop dreaming and will require you to take action. Then, to test the market. A prototype will allow you to gather feedback and you will see if your product meets a real need, or not at all!

Collect user feedback is not always pleasant but it is mandatory. On several occasions, it made ​​me completely reconsider my product, from design to price, through features etc.. There was one year I worked five months on a project and I was about to launch in beta. I showed it to some friends bloggers and entrepreneurs. Conclusion: they were the good idea but the ergonomics were not enough well thought out and, most importantly, the product was too technical, in the state, for our target customer.

I still launched the product in beta but the remarks previously mentioned were based! So it took us several months of additional work. But it's worth it. Better to release a first version, take feedbacks and improve the product to spend money and energy to promoting a product that does not convert and what not succeed.

Then the throwing an MVP lets you talk on social networks, you build a list of prospects, attract media attention, investors or to apply for assistance from start-ups . No matter who you make you in, it is much easier to convince a few things to show.

In addition, if you are looking for partners, you will have 3 times more likely to convince with MVP. They will see that you really worked and you are intending to invest.

Conventional means to create a MVP
In general, to create a prototype or MVP, entrepreneurs use three methods:
  • Internal development with a developer partner
  • They learn to code (this is rare)
  • They sub-traient an agency

I will not dwell on that. The course must have internal resources but this is rare. Subcontracting is possible but be very careful. Writing specifications is essential and follow too. I know a bunch of entrepreneurs who have lost thousands of dollars in trying to subcontract.

The method you suggest
There are other ways to create a MVP. It is to use clones. These scripts generally ready, are made ​​by developers who copy sites and apps best known. It is not very good example of clones Uber , Whatsapp, Groupon, Youtube, Gmail, Facebook, Paypal etc.

The advantage of clones is that they are affordable. Between 100 and $ 1000. then they are provided with several graphical themes.

Buying a clone will let you create a prototype very quickly, for a few hundred dollars rather than starting in the months of development and thousands of dollars to invest.

Attention clones are interesting to create a MVP and test the market. For your final product will go through a bespoke development.

Or find good clones?
There are many sites like but I will recommend two I tested. It is of Agriya for clones of sites and appdupe for mobile application clones.

Agriya offers dozens of clones. Here are some examples:

For more details,

Airbnb Clone

[airbnb clone][bsummary]

Freelancer Clone

[freelancer clone][bigposts]

Fiverr Clone

[fiverr clone script][twocolumns]