Open ID and Twitter Account - Fiverr Clone

Agriya always thinks about the industry and its ongoing trends and thereby they can offer the beneficial extract to their clients. Moreover they are more studious in making their presence on any of the industry. Likewise they analyzed and found out the micro jobs marketplace is to be a powerful industry where anyone can earn and make revenue out of it. So Agriya decided and formulated an exclusive micro jobs marketplace web application called FPPlatform, an exclusive Fiverr clone script.

This popular clone script is featured with several advanced options and features to make admin to conveniently get engage with the FPPlatform. Among the indefinite features, let’s view one of the beneficial features as follows.

There is an exclusive option to engage users with the site through any of the convenient login option. So this leads the users to get in touch with any of the social login such as Facebook, Twitter and various social media connectivity. The main advantage of this feature is to discard the complicated registration process. On the whole, users would feel more comfort with this gig buck clone script while accessing the site.

Be that way, this exceptional micro jobs marketplace script is streamlined with numerous multi caliber features and smart revenue options. So to know more about this FPPlatform script, feel free to contact Agriya and get your queries solved.

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