How to create freelancer clone website?

Have you ever thought about creating a superior freelancing website with advanced features and revenue generation options within 48 hours? Now you can change your thought into reality by using Agriya’s freelancer clone script- Getlancer. Getlancer is a built-in script which acts as a platform to create a website that connects freelancers and entrepreneurs. This script helps you to launch your website in different regions in the world with multi-currency and multi-language options. It also helps you to save your precious time and money. It also helps you to earn quickly. Let’s see how it works.

What is the working mechanism of Getlancer?
Getlancer helps the website to works on the mechanism of reverse bidding process. The employers can list all their requirements on the website. The registered freelancers can view the listings of those employers and bid for the apt work. The employer only has authority to select the freelancer with the right bid and the job will be assigned to that freelancer.
Explore the features and revenue generation options of this exceptional freelancer clone script. 

How features of Getlancer add more value to your freelancing website?
There are more than 70 features in the Getlancer, which can add more value to your website. The following are the most prominent features. 

·         Exclusive Escrow System
 It is an integrated payment distribution system where money is held by website on the behalf of users. The employer will set the milestones for the projects. Once the milestone is completed by the freelancer, they can request for the release of the payment. 

·         Enhanced Admin Interface
It’s a primary feature which helps you to monitor and control the entire back-end of your website. It also helps you to view the statistical data for knowing the performance of the website. You can also access the crucial information of the website users, listings, payments, earnings and other details of the website.

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