5 Key Features In Elance Clone Script

Features are the strong pillars for running a successful website like freelancer. Are you finding it difficult to create a website with salient features which are required to operate the website at ease? You have got an absolute solution, which is popularly known as Elance clone script. It avails your website with all significant features.

Now, let’s have a deeper look at the five most user-friendly features that should be present in your Elance clone website.
  • Simple bidding system
  • Escrow system
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Linguistic factor
  • Revenue options
Simple bidding system
It is an effective technique for running the successful freelancing website. Using this method, freelancers can easily bid for the project which they wish to work and it also facilitates the employers to conveniently choose the right skilled persons to complete their jobs at an affordable price.

Escrow system
Escrow system is the most essential feature which helps you to handle the transaction of money from the employers to the freelancers without any difficulty.

It is a virtual system where the employer’s money will be held and once the milestone of the project is completed by the freelancer. They will request you to release the amount. You can directly transfer the money to them after finishing every phase of the project.

Multiple payment gateways
You can conveniently select the payment gateway options in order to s
erve your target audience effectively. The website users can pay their fee amount through different payment options according to their choice. They will have a hassle-free payment transaction.

Linguistic factor
Language is one of the major factors, which help to attract more users to the website. Elance clone script will provides you this essential features which helps the users to access the website in their regional language, they will be delighted to work with the website. It helps to increase readability of the website content and improves the conversion rate of the website.

Revenue options
Revenue is the main goal for running any businesses. Many Elance clone script are incorporates with numerous revenue generation options like membership fee, project listing fee, employers commission fee, freelancers commission fee and advertisement captcha.

These are the some excellent features, which make you to feel comfortable while accessing the website.

Core theme
Any Elance clone script must have the above-mentioned exceptional features in your freelancing website, which will create a win-win situation for you, your employers and freelancers. It facilitates you to run a lucrative business effectively.

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