How Elance clone script helps for making revenue?

Innovative business models are serving the needs of many individuals to express their talents to the external world with great excellence. Freelancing is one such field which has placed their distinct identity in the business history. 

There are many freelancing websites who are all running their profitable business promptly. Are you looking to start up an outstanding website in this lucrative freelancing field? You have got a one stop solution for creating such website rapidly. It is none other than, Elance clone script. Here, we shall have a deeper look to know how it helps to make revenue easily.

Helping hand in generating revenue
Elance clone scripts will have the following revenue generating options to your website. Each and every money making option has numerous benefits other than generating income to you. 

Membership fee
The employers and the freelancers can be your website authorized members only through the registration process. After completing the procedures, they need to pay a certain amount of money as a membership fee. This process mainly helps you to have only the genuine users in your website.

Listing fee
The employer can easily list their project for bidding in your freelancer clone website. As an admin, you can verify and approve the project for listing it in the website. For every listing, your employer need give a dedicated amount as a fee. This helps you to restrict the duplicated projects in the website.

Commission fee
It is an extraordinary revenue making option where you can get enormous amount of money from both the employers and the freelancer.

Whenever your employer finds a right freelancer for accomplishing their project through bidding process, you can collect the commission fee from the employer. Likewise, when your freelancer get the project and progress it through further development. They need to pay a dedicated amount of money as a fee to you.

Advertisement captcha
It acts as both an anti-spam mechanism and as a revenue making option to your website. Whenever the users login to your freelancer clone website, they have to enter the alphanumerical word displayed on the screen.

The famous solve media has to pay a dedicate amount of money for flashing every captcha word in the website. This option helps you to block the non-human intervention greatly.

Vital words
Choose the right Elance clone, which avails you all the above-mentioned revenue options to your website. You can start enjoying the benefits and get your return on investment quickly.

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