Essential features to be present in an Etsy clone script

Etsy is the most successful and profitable business model in recent years. You can also bring your website like Etsy into existence easily with the help of appropriate Etsy clone script. It helps to launch the website within a short period of time. It should also provide your website with many incomparable features.

Let’s have a deeper look at the user-friendly features and extraordinary revenue options which are all required to be in the script.

Essential features to be present in an Etsy clone script
Any scripts should integrate many tri-benefit features to your Etsy clone website. All of its features must be favorable to you and your users. As a webmaster, you can easily promote and increase the traffic to your website. It also helps the sellers to promote the products quickly and buyers can purchase the favorite and latest products easily.

People may have a thought to sell and buy the products in your website. If you have dual signup option, it easily helps to attract many people to your website as a member. They can register themselves either as a buyer or as a seller. But they can sell their products and as well they can purchase the products from other shops.

This feature encourages many users to access the website comfortably. It improves the readability of the website among many users. This helps the webmaster to increase the conversion rate of the website.

Different options for shopping
Collections, categories, shops and items are the four significant ways to attract many users to the website for buying the products at their comfort zone. These methods have its own uniqueness which helps your sellers to promote their products in the website easily.
There are also two innovative features which can easily improve the sales inevitably.

Featured shop
It helps your sellers to display their shop uniquely on your website. It is highlighted on the website, which increases the visibility of the shop among the buyers. 

Recently listed items
It displays the newly listed items of the sellers. This helps to increase the visibility of your seller’s new products in the website. Using this option, many users can buy the newly added items easily on your website. 

Automated revenue options
Any Etsy clone scripts must have numerous revenue generation options for your website. The following options help to earn more revenue to you automatically. It transfers the admin related money directly to the website and further it will transact the money to the concerned sellers.

Membership fee: Whenever the users register to your website, you can set up a certain amount of money as a membership fee according to your convenience.  

Site commission: You can set up a commission fee for each and every purchase happening in the website.

Solve media captcha: This is double powered feature which helps to generate dedicate amount as revenue and allows only genuine users to the website. 

Final words
Choose the right Etsy clone script which not only helps to launches your website within a short time period. But also, should provide with innumerable features which helps to run the website lucratively.

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