Why you use Fiverr clone scripts over WordPress themes?

Creating a website like Fiverr using WordPress themes might be simple and easily manageable for the entrepreneurs. But, what if some critical consequences arise in the theme while operating your website in the WordPress theme? So, many of the businessman are looking for the suitable alternatives to enter into the microjobs industry quickly. You have got a one stop solution; it is none other than the exceptional Fiverr clone script.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose the right Fiverr clone script to construct a microjobs website rather than using WordPress theme. Let’s have a clear view of explanations in detail.

Elucidation of the WordPress themes and Fiverr clone scripts
WordPress is a ready-made theme which helps to create a website like Fiverr within a few hours. Entrepreneurs have to understand what the WordPress theme provides with your new website like features, plugins, modules, etc. Once all the information is enough to be in a website then, the businessman can simply install the theme to build their new website like Fiverr.

Fiverr clone is the ready-made script which helps the entrepreneurs to establish their customized website like Fiverr within 48 hours. Even though the script is a handy package, it is designed and developed from scratch, which helps to construct the securitized Fiverr clone website easily. It embeds all significant features, revenue making options, social media networks and responsive web design to your website.

Features specification
Adding features or categories to the website is easy in the WordPress themes only during the installation process. Otherwise, you have to include all extra features to the website by adding Plugins to it. But in the Fiverr clone scripts, you can customize your feature options and required changes can be done to your website at any time. Even before the installation of the script, you can add all necessary features and modules to your website.

Security issues
WordPress provides as many Plugins as you want for your Fiverr clone website. When you add too many Plugins to your website, it automatically slowdowns loading speed of your website. This may lead to a security problem which helps your competitor to hack your website easily. It makes your users to loss the trustworthiness of the website.

Recently, “Truecaller” website was hacked by the hacktivist group Syrian Electronic Army because of this WordPress platform. This security issue has been covered in the Fiverr clone script which is highly secured and develops the website in high technology based coding. 
The Fiverr clone script is Plugin-friendly which helps to attach the required modules to your website easily. It will enhance the visibility and performance of the website, but does not reduce the website loading time.

SEO-friendly facility
Both WordPress themes and Fiverr clone scripts optimize your Fiverr clone website to be search engine-friendly one. They include lots of optimization tools which help to take your website to the top ranking position through the Google search results.

Updating the website is an essential factor
If you make your Fiverr clone website with the WordPress theme, then frequent updates are the necessary thing for your website consistency. Once you update the website, installed Plugins may not be compatible with the updated version of the website. This can result in numerous bugs and inconsistency which are cropping up due to the software update.

Fiverr clone is a highly well-suited script for any kind of updates take place to your website. Moreover the script providers itself avail the required updates to your Fiverr clone website. All the add-on modules will not be affected at any cost.

Final words
Any themes have both benefits and drawbacks. Likewise, WordPress theme has security, Plugins and updating issues in it. Other than, it has thousands of graphic templates and SEO marketing options. But, give high preferences to the Fiverr clone script which is more superior to a WordPress theme with regard to highly secured and Plugin-friendly for developing an exceptional Fiverr clone website effectively.

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