What is new in Agriya’s Contest software?

Eight out of ten entrepreneurs have a thought that it is not so much easy to run any kinds of contests in the single platform. Agriya breaks that strong belief and bring the creative and new version of 360Contest software live to the global world. It has the capability of hosting various kinds of contests like design/logo, video, audio and text efficiently. We have incorporated many new peculiarities to this software. Let’s have a deeper look at all the advancement made in this exclusive software.

Multipurpose Contest software
Video, audio and text are the new varieties of contest types which has immense growth in the contest industry. Till now, the digital world has seen the successful business trend in design and logo contests. But, Agriya observed the latest contests types in the online world and eventually corralled all these contests types into this single Contest software.

Create a niche kind of contest website which has flexibility of hosting any kinds of contest with the help of this single software and run the website profitably.

Enriched responsive web design layout
Take your contest website to the next level ahead with the help of responsive web design by attracting countless smart phone and tablet users effectively. Agriya wisely invented the new Contest software with responsive web design layout. This helps your contest website to be easily adaptable to any kinds of the devices.

This option assists your users to access the website through any kinds of devices without losing its definite resolution. This helps your users to access your versatile contest website even more comfortably. It also attracts many mobile users to the website which helps to increase the conversion rate rapidly.

Smart tools embedded to host any kinds of contest
Vimeo and YouTube are the most popular video sharing websites to upload clear-cut videos to the online world. SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform which assists the users to upload and share their original soundtrack to the numerous people.

Agriya intelligently included these three tools in this exceptional Contest software. It helps to store the video and audio files in the multimedia format. This also reduces the server space and speeding up your website performance tremendously. It helps your users to easily upload video and audio samples for participating in the contest.

Multi-currency support to your contest website
Developing a contest website with several currency format is not anymore a difficult task. Agriya embeds the most convenient multi-currency feature in this new Contest software which is not in the old version of the software. This exceptional feature assists you to add required currency format with respect to the country where your contest website is established. Your users can also convert currency format according their wish during the payment process.

Gain special attention to your user’s contest easily
Agriya provides your contest holder to receive even more attention from the numerous participants available in your contest website. We have introduced an advanced highlighted contest feature option in our Contest software. Now, your contest holders can showcase their contest by differentiating it with unique colors from other users in your contest website.

This feature attracts more target participants to the contest, which have direct impact on increased traffic to the specific contest.

Bring your fastest loading contest website live quickly
Create an exclusive and high-speed loading contest website which does not get affected by the consequences like higher bounce rate, lower search rankings, less conversion rate, minimum page views, reader satisfaction level. This has a greater impact on the overall performance of the website.

Agriya appends most powerful high performance module in the new version Contest software. This assists you to construct pioneering contest website which has all the capability to load within very less time through various search engines. This helps you to take your contest website ahead of the competitors among your target audience.

Promote your contest website by using social media options
Social media can rapidly boost the traffic rate of your business tremendously. Agriya smartly powered the Contest software with the exclusive social media marketing tool. It is a cost-effective methodology to enhance the conversion rate of the website. It helps you to make your contest website to go viral among your target audience through various social media networks.

Final words
Agriya’s Contest software includes all the above-mentioned new traits which are inevitable for you to successfully host different types of contests like design, logo, video, audio and text in the single contest website. This software also has many powerful features, user-friendly revenue options and various payment methods to be empowered in your contest website.

Source: http://blogs.agriya.com/2014/10/30/what-is-new-in-contest-software/

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