Revenue making options facilitated in the Agriya's Fiverr clone script

Do you want to run an excellent online business profitably in the microjobs field? Well, you have safely landed in the right place. Agriya is the leading web development company, which avails you an exclusive Fiverr clone script to launch your next generation microjobs website in a short duration of time. Your website will be powered with excellent revenue making options facilitated by this script. We shall experience all revenue option of this script in detail.

Gig/job commissio
Any registered users can post a job in your dynamic microjobs website for completing it at an affordable price. As a webmaster, you can earn a definite amount of money as a commission fee for every gig listed in your website.

Advertisement captcha
This revenue option not only helps you to generate consistent earnings to the website, but also protect your website from the non-human intervention. It allows the users to your website only when they enter the captcha word shown by the solve media.

Advertisement banner
By allowing a third party organization to display their promotional advertisements in your website. For showcasing every ad, they have to pay a commission amount to your website.

Vital words
These are exceptional revenue making options which are fabricated by this leading Fiverr script. There are many more splendid features available in this script. You can reach out Agriya's official site to gain more key beneficial aspects about this script.

Airbnb Clone

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Freelancer Clone

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Fiverr Clone

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