How to earn money from the contest website?

Many entrepreneurs like you are amazed by the outstanding performance of the contest business model that is recently rocking the online world with competition as its core theme. Do you want to be part of this contest industry by running a successful online business by using this excellent concept? What if, you are getting an opportunity to establish such a contest website quickly with numerous revenue making options crafted in it?

Does curiosity makes you search who is availing such a golden chance for running an online business in such a shorter duration. Look no further, Agriya is the only clone script provider which facilitates you with good fortune by constructing contest website rapidly with their versatile 360Contest software. It not only constructs website in a few days, but also assists you to host various contests like video, audio, design and text which have an excellent growth potential in the online world. It also fabricates your website with extraordinary revenue making options. Let's take a tour of the wonderful revenue making options of this software.

Earning opportunities in your contest website 

Earnings are the surprising factor in this software which will please you to run a lucrative online business effortlessly. There are numerous occasions in your contest website that supports you to earn money and increase your revenue making streams larger and larger every time. Let us see each and every occasion of making money in the contest website right away.

Addition of a new member

Whenever a new user register to the website, you will receive a definite amount of money as a registration/membership fee. You can fix the registration fee according to your inclination. Moreover, when a user fills out a registration form, there they will find a visual puzzle, which is known as CAPTCHA system. The users have to type the captcha word displayed in it for entering the website. It assists to restrict the spam users to your website completely and you can make revenue whenever the captcha word is retyped.

Listing the contest in a different perspective

The contest holders can post their contest in different methods to showcase it uniquely. They can be classified as blind contest, private contest, featured contest and highlighted contest which caters you to make money out of it.

While a duration of the contest is changed 

Your users can easily change the duration of the contest listed in the website. For changing the contest duration, the contest holder has to give certain amount of money to you. Here, you can add more options for extra time duration with different price ranges by using dynamic form builder feature available in the software.

Once a participant wins the contest

When a contest is successfully completed in your website, winning participant has to give their commission fee that a certain percentage of their prize amount to you.

When an advertisement is posted in the website

As a webmaster, you can allow third-party organizations to host commercial and promotional advertisement in your website. For that, you can collect a percentage amount of money from them for displaying the ads.

Final words

The above-mentioned occasions that facilitate you to earn numerous money from running your contest script efficiently.

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